Management Team

Tim Goodwin - Frisco Superdrome Director

Tim Goodwin

Track Manager
Myrna Merle Frisco Superdrome Race Director

Myrna Merle

Race Director
Coach Eddie Padilla

Eddy Padilla

Youth Director (UCI and IOC Certified Cycling Coach)
Frisco Superdrome Lourdess Scheck

Lourdes Scheck

Volunteer/Race Coordinator

Superdrome Facts

The Superdrome is one of the premier track cycling venues in the world. It is a velodrome (VEL-o-drome), which is an oval track used for bicycle track racing.

VeloNews ranked the Superdrome as the best velodrome in North America for 1999. It’s top event ranking of 96.5 for the EDS Elite National Championships is the highest ever awarded to a velodrome.

The Superdrome is open year-round, and holds a variety of events, including world-class competitions and weekly racing series. Teams from around the world use the Superdrome for training, and the facility is quickly becoming one of the nation’s primary sites for research on cycling and aerobic acitivity. The general public is also welcome to use the facility for training and for corporate events and meetings.

The 250-meter Superdrome surface is made of marine-grade plywood with a laminated finish, and all the turns are banked at 44 degrees. The centrifugal force generated by the riders’ speed usually keeps them firmly glued to the track’s surface. The straight-aways are banked at 13 degrees.

The area inside the track is called the “infield,” and is used as a warm-up area for riders and as a staging area for competitors, coaches and officials. Encircling the infield just at the inner edge of the track is a flat paved surface called the “apron.” This can be used as a warm-up area, a place for mounting and dismounting your bike, or as a run-off area for exiting the track in case of an accident. Lines painted on the track that run around the full oval demarcate certain areas of the surface, offer measurement information and safe haven for riders under racing and training situations.