1. Development Class

In order to use the Superdrome, new track riders must complete a Superdrome Track Certification Class. Riders from other similar tracks may not have to take the class, depending on track category & experience.

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Superdrome Development Class

2. Track Bike Rental

The Superdrome rents track bikes for 10$. Please bring your pedals/shoes, as well as any tools you may need.

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3. Open Riding

Open Riding is a great way to come experience the Superdrome. You can use the track to train for the race season, or exercise. Come on! You know you need to put more miles on your bike…

Open Riding cost $10, and bike rental (if needed) is 10$.

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Superdrome Open Riding

4. Racing

Racing is the true test of your abilities. What better way than at the Superdrome? Come join the crew, and show us what you can do!

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